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3DEVs IT Ltd. is one of the best creative IT Companies in Bangladesh for developing any kind of website, software, graphic design and all kinds of IT solution. This company has paid highest priority to clients need and interest and that’s why it has customized version of its each and every product. Our research team have been focusing on building dynamic field which can complete clients all requirement. And this is the reason our School Management Software is more flexible, more useful and more useful than the common software.

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Core Modules


  • Displays latest information on dashboard. For instance total students,     Students/Teacher/Stuff attendance summary, calendar, timetable and many more.
  • Icon driven dashboard
  • Easy 'Search bar' enables anyone to use Access 2 School.
  • Access 2 School is designed as user friendly interface so that anyone with basic     computer knowledge can opt in it instantly with minimum training for a great user     experience.

  • Admission

  • Unique ID for all students.
  • Multiple guardian addition facility.
  • Emergency contact facility available.
  • Previous education details can be extracted.
  • Customizable as per school standards.
  • Photos upload facility.

  • Timetable (Calender & Event)

  • Planner assistance for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Drag and drop system.
  • Class time schedule management.
  • Exam schedule management.
  • Alerts system on class and schedule.
  • Separate color for each action.
  • Edit/Delete planning facility.

  • Messages

  • Powerful communication system.
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system
  • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents.
  • Database storing of all communications for future reference.
  • Event alert on any events, news, holidays etc.

  • Question Bank

  • Secure question bank.
  • Online question add, edit, delete, publish.
  • Question archive.
  • Print facilities.

  • Manage Users

  • Customized control system of user.
  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • Define user roles based on responsibility and set privileges as per roles.
  • View/Edit users’ password and privileges.
  • Manage Notices/News

  • Create/edit/delete news.
  • Search for any news using search bar.
  • View all news facility.
  • Add news using rich text format.
  • Edit/Delete news.
  • Comment facility on published news.
  • Delete facility for comment
  • Registration

  • Customizable ‘form’ by the user.
  • Class courses management.
  • View applicants by different filtering options.
  • Applicant’s status view like pending, eligible etc.
  • Accept or discard options of the applications.
  • Print facility for “completed registration form”.
  • Class/Group based registration.

  • Student

  • Search options on student data bases.
  • Large database filtering facility
  • Student profile management.

  • Attendance

  • Thumbprint and card punching attendance system for all.
  • Easy management of attendance.
  • Different types of attendance report generation.
  • Reports can be filtered

  • Examinations

  • Create different types of exams based on grades, marks etc.
  • Extensive Report center.
  • Generate report for required exams.
  • Automated, quick and on demand report generation.
  • Statistical and chart reports for a better analytical view.

  • Report Card

  • Create Report Card online
  • Repot card archive and easy searching.
  • Print facilities.

  • Human Resources

  • Employment management.
  • Employee profile management.
  • Tuition Fee
  • Manage student tuition fee
  • Tuition fee report
  • Tuition fee alert

  • Report

  • Different kind of report generate
  • Multiple filtering options
  • Download in different format
  • Monthly, yearly auto report generate

  • Basic Accounting

  • Manage accounts
  • Monthly, yearly auto report generate
  • Loss, profit auto calculation

  • Premium Modules

  • Library management
  • Hostel management
  • Transport management
  • Financial management
  • Form builder
  • Repot card builder
  • Inventory
  • Online examination
  • Email integration
  • Blog
  • Online class wise lecture
  • Online result publish
  • Based on the different requirements and the budget of the customers we have organized our following products in a way that anyone can choose their options according to their schools overall need. We always recommend our customers to go for the standard solution at one go rather upgrading from smart pack after a while. Besides, we also have the Enterprise solution for those who wanted to maintain complete ACCESS 2 SCHOOL to facilitate their students, teachers, guardians, staffs and any other stakeholders. We have created all those facilities as a commitment to give our customers the world class ACCESS 2 SCHOOL service.

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    In recent years, Access 2 School has moved away from being viewed as a school administration tool and developed into an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for managing school business processes and whole school improvement. It supports schools in responding to the children's plan by enabling them to view a more rounded picture of a child and Access 2 School has achieved this by moving away from a modular approach.

    Secured platform

    User Friendly

    Exam management

    Result Management

    Web Based

    24/7 support (On need basis)

    Easy download and upload facility

    Useable in any educational institute

    Student, teacher and parent login

    Powerful communication system

    Color themes

    Iconic user interface

    Action (check box) search

    Smart attendance system

    Multi School Solution

    Automatic SMS or email alert system.

    Guardian record keeping facility

    Online question bank

    Yearly update version

    Schedule management

    Save time